May 2019 business summary

The Okinawa Map sticker ad that brought in all the business

I ran an ad for the Okinawa Map “Buy Local Art” sticker. As soon as that ad went out, sales from the online shop went up. What I did a little differently this time is I expend the target to people in the US as well, not just Okinawa. The target audience setting was “People who like my page and their friends in Okinawa and US including Hawaii”.

Customers not only brought the sticker, they also brought other stuff too.

What to improve

  • Run the ad again to see if it works again. If it continues to work, make it better and run it all the time.
  • Find out how to track how much business that ad bought in.
  • Try putting money behind posts that reach a lot of people (top 3).
  • Do a better job recovering abandon shopping cart.

Self reflect moment

  • I have this weird habit of creating new ads every time. I actually don’t have to do it. Why can’t I just run the same ad if it works?