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Month: November 2022

The cost of being a rebel

I come to realize that I have been a rebel my entire life.

I don’t like to follow others.

I don’t like to obey to authorities and seniority.

I have the natural tendency to challenge authorities and the status quote.

In general, I don’t like to be told what to do and how to think.

The cost of that is

I am usually alone, at the beginning.

I feel uncomfortable around the pretentious ones.

I often find out the hard way that some people and systems can’t be changed. It is better to leave them alone.

I often face uphill battles.

Lucky Days

I got very lucky the last two days.

First, I was trying to collect Daiso stamps for the Peter rabbit. After I checked out, I found a bunch of stickers left by people who don’t want them in the recycled receipts box. I spent nothing, and I got enough stickers to get Kenji a rabbit.

On Monday, I was hoping to see Kate at work because I wanted to buy xmas wrapping papers from upstairs. I was trying to prepare myself by scouting on the items I want in the morning. While I was doing that, I ran into Kathy and she did the shopping for me.

I have been lucky, but have I?

The truth is the more I think, the more I focus on my target and the luckier I get.

If I were to do Art Plaza all over again

Make events and workshops as part of the business plan.

Make contests like Draw2Win part of the business plan.

Hire a store manager.

Set up routine tasks from day one.

Import products from China. If that can’t be done. Don’t open.