About This Site


My name is Desmond Liang. Since the birth of my first son, Souta, I came to realize the meaning of my life. Every place I have been, everything I have experienced has prepared me for the journey of parenthood. I am responsible for guiding and providing for my son while pursuing other goals I have set for myself.

I worked too much, and I wasn’t working smart. I spent so much time running in circles chasing meaningless objectives like bigger numbers, fancy job titles, or the lifestyle commodity other people have set up for me (think those instagram photos of someone who work remotely from a resort in Bali).

In 2017, with the birth of my child, I had to split myself even thinner. I want to spend more time watching my child grow, so I started working at home. The sudden change of lifestyle was difficult to adapt at first, but I slowly adjust myself to the stay home dad/entrepreneur lifestyle, and now I am having fun making a decent income while taking my son to places that satisfy his curiosity.

I build this blog to document my journey and tips and tricks along the way to help you work less and spend more time with the people who are the most important to you.

Souta’s 1 year old birthday party